East Rockhill Township, Bucks County, PA

This family relocated from an existing townhouse in a medium density planned community to a fully wooded site and was looking for something unique to raise their children.  Based on the experience of the site, where you drive up a rolling hillside only to proceed back down to reach this residence, the design is sited to maintain that quality.  A stone clad circulation space anchors the building while the living spaces of the home are composed to rotate around the circulation space from the lower to higher elevation of the property.  The garage is sited so that the homeowners experience each day is across the slope of the property before becoming part of the activity of the rest of the design.  The interior is open both horizontally and vertically among nearly all of its occupied space creating a very connected although diverse group of functions occurring at any given time.  After more than a decade since completion, the interior furniture layouts have remained as they were initially designed to fit in the spaces throughout the home, demonstrating how detailed design thinking is constantly effective.  Although the family’s youngest child wished for a home much easier to draw in school projects and activities at an early age, the entire family has thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity that an effective design has brought to their lives.